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Local Stable Economy

A school of economists and social scientists who advocate for the development of a stable-state economy exists today. And, they are active and seriously credible in their research endeavours. The main purpose of the stable-state economy is to avoid the consequences of the dominant limitless-growth economic model. Which is currently spiralling towards ecological disaster boundaries.

Why Cooperate?

Some evolutionary biologists suggest that groups of cooperating organisms have a better chance of survival than those who do not cooperate [Wilson]. What does this mean for us in a modern human society?

Why I Don’t Shop There

Just before 7am on Wednesday the 14th April 2004, I received a phone call from a distressed woman. She urgently declared “… they are cutting down all of the trees”. Then I realised that she was referring to the proposed Woolworths site on the bank of Obi Obi Creek, and that she was above me on the pre-organised phone-tree.