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Social Enterprise Governance

Steering of the strategy and operations of organizations is commonly called governance. The actions of governing will be shaped by the organizations mission, aims and values. This, collectively agreed upon, governance shaping can be termed as the Governance Policy. The governance policy will grant rights and privileges, express limits on actions, and assign responsibilities to roles.

Re-patterning our Civilization

Nested Self-organizing Water Systems John Fox BE RPEQ engineer, integral water systems Unless a person believes that there is a Great Organizer out there, organizing everything in detail, it is rational to accept that the universe is a system of nested self-organizing systems. At any point in physical reality there is a balance of influences, […]

Balance and Movement

A boy was playing up in the geography class. The teacher sent him to the back of the room with a map of the world cut into small pieces for him to reassemble – a disciplinary jigsaw. The teacher was astonished when only a few minutes later he came back with the whole map. ‘How did you do it?’ she asked.