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Local Stable Economy

A school of economists and social scientists who advocate for the development of a stable-state economy exists today. And, they are active and seriously credible in their research endeavours. The main purpose of the stable-state economy is to avoid the consequences of the dominant limitless-growth economic model. Which is currently spiralling towards ecological disaster boundaries.

Avoiding GM Foods

At times I like to question my actions to re-evaluate their relevance. What are my needs that are not being met with GM food? I believe these fall into two categories; firstly, the need for a high degree of confidence in safety and health, and secondly, the need for ecological sustainability and social justice, these being threatened by the agricultural application of GM plants.

Why Cooperate?

Some evolutionary biologists suggest that groups of cooperating organisms have a better chance of survival than those who do not cooperate [Wilson]. What does this mean for us in a modern human society?