Video Test

Hello World


The video will go here vvvv:

Some questions that might come up for you with brief answers plus ‘time codes’ so you can fast forward the video to the answer you want to see:

Q1: Do I need to be a dancer or have experience of Contact Improv?
Answer: No – and you’ll hear further info at: 3:30 / 11.45 / 12.55

Q2: Why the pre-requisite of 2 days of NVC Training with a certified NVC Trainer?
Answer: It is best to hear this from Robert: 9.35 / 10.23

Q3: How will this retreat support my NVC learning and skill building?
Answer: 1.20 / 6.19 / 8.05 / 8.39

Q4: How will learning NVC support my CI practice?
Answer: Disappointed I didn’t asked this question – can do next interview. There’s something at 14.55 & 17.22 that might be enough.
I’d love to hear if you think this is sufficient or if we need to write something to go here?

Q5: Where can I do NVC training with a Certified Trainer?
Answer: See “Learn NVC” on

Q6: Will we be moving to music?
Answer: No – the movement exercises are done in silence.

Q7: What have other people experienced in this program?
Answer: 14.18 / 14.55 / 17.22

Q8: How can we do NVC with movement?
Answer: 19.40
Hopefully it is up there ^^^^^